The Main Streets Program is one of the ways that the City of Calgary is working to make our city “a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life.” Our program shares The City’s common purpose of “making life better every day” by implementing a comprehensive process to transform our main streets into places where people want to live, work and play.


Main Streets are places where citizens come together. They allow us to travel less and live more by providing the things we need right in our own communities.

Core Principles

Main Streets are resilient, adaptable, and attractive places that:

  • Celebrate the character of the community;
  • Encourage diversity of businesses, buildings and residents;
  • Create a vibrant destination, and;
  • Improve public health.
  • What is a Streetscape Master Plan?

    A Streetscape Master Plan is more than improved accessibility, safety and beautification. It is about place-making, creating vibrant places that put a priority on sociability, access and linkages, comfort and image, and uses and activity.


    Within the Main Streets Master Plan process we engage the public in three phases; Discover, Explore and Reveal to better understand community’s values for their street.

    In the Discover Phase we Listen & Learn; stakeholders and The City listen to and learn about public views, plans, concerns, and expectations.

    In the Explore phase, public feedback is obtained through consultation to review preliminary design ideas and options developed from input input discussed at the Discover phase. We ensure issues and concerns are understood and considered prior to design resolution of the Master Plan.

    The Reveal phase focuses on communicating the short and long term strategies that will be carried forward into detail design of the project. The information communicated will include: (a) the proposed design; (b) what is different from existing; (c) why it is different, and; (d) how engagement input influenced the design, and; if not, explaining how the input was considered and why it could not be incorporated into the design.

    How we use your input?

    Feedback gathered from public and stakeholder engagement is reviewed with City of Calgary policy and standards, site conditions, and technical design analysis then refined for the next stage of engagement.

    Focus Area

    The Streetscape Master Plan focuses on 1 Avenue N.E. between 4 Street N.E. and 11 Street N.E., and incorporates segments of Edmonton Trail and 4 Street N.E.




    I understand how community feedback informed the design:

    Social & Economic

    Improves pedestrian comfort and provides high quality public realm
    Increases the number of trees for a healthier environment
    Creates space for more social interaction

    Mobility & Functionality

    Increases the number of crossings and improves safety and accessibility for pedestrians
    Maintains the traffic functionality and flow along and across 1 Avenue N.E.
    Provides safer crossings, wider pathways, and access for people who walk or bike

    Character & Identity

    Creates space for public art and community gateway features at major intersections
    Provides opportunity to reflect the diversity of the community
    Incorporates durable, high-quality materials
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    A What We Heard Report from the May 2018 engagement can be found here. A What We Heard Report from the March 2019 engagement can be found here.

    What to expect in the short and long term

    • Detailed design will include additional cultural and placemaking elements
    • Specific construction priorities to be based upon alignment with other area projects
    • A key priority will be limiting impact to businesses and local residents