We’re excited to kick off the next phase of public engagement. This phase of engagement will focus on:

  • Discussing the future vision for growth.
  • Discussing key opportunities and big ideas.
  • Identifying topics that require further exploration.

We will be engaging with the community through a variety of different events, including providing your feedback online. Check out the different events planned by clicking the buttons below or provide your feedback by completing the survey below. This survey will be open till March 10, 2019.

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Neighbourhoods change and evolve overtime. Local residents move in or away, the population grows older or younger, people’s housing and lifestyle needs change, local businesses, restaurants and services offerings change.

We’re talking about the lifecycle of the North Hill area and working together to guide local redevelopment and revitalization to ensure the area continues to thrive and be a place that locals love.


Review this background information prior to completing feedback tools.

When thinking of the North Hill Communities Plan area and the key identified growth areas, we want you to think of how future growth and development might be accommodated.

There are two ways for your to provide your input, we would like you to show us where you think growth is appropriate within the focus areas and also tell us how you envision growth within the focus areas in the future.

There are a number of questions to answer, feel free to only answer those of interest, or answer a few now and come back to answer more when you have time. This survey will be open until March 10.

Please click through the each tab - TELL US and SHOW US to provide your input.

The reference materials above give definitions and examples of the focus areas we ask about below and will help inform your answers, please ensure you review these.



What does future growth look like around transit hubs?

Think about the existing and future transit stations/stops in the area, this could be Light Rail Transit (LRT) with the future Green Line on Centre St. or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along 16 Avenue with the MAX Orange line.

Does your opinion differ for each of the TOD areas and what do you envision where?

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What does growth look like on our Main Streets? Think about the four Main Streets: 16 Avenue, Centre Street N, Edmonton Trail NE and 4 Street NW.

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What does growth look like in our Neighbourhood Activity Centres (NAC)?

Think about Neighbourhood Activity Centres in the plan area. For example, is there a strip mall, an office/ commercial building and/or a school and fields? Is there one located close to where you live?

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What does growth look like in your neighbourhood outside of Main Streets, Transit-Oriented Development areas, and Neighbourhood Activity Centres?

Examples could be: Areas along busier roads or around local amenities such as parks

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This area is an important employment hub for the area and The City we want to know how do you envision this area evolving in the future.

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What do we need to keep in mind for our supporting infrastructure as growth and redevelopment occurs?

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The Map below outlines the North Hill plan area and key focus areas. Within the plan area we want to think about how you envision growth.

There are a number of questions for your consideration and each question is assigned a category marker. To provide input you will select the "Show Us" button and then drop a marker on the appropriate location, you will be asked to choose a category to assign you marker to and then answer the question by telling us why.

Please use the appropriate marker for each question and provide comments.

You can zoom in on the map to get a specific location.

1. Transit Oriented Development Areas (TOD). Are there TOD areas you think provide greater opportunities for growth and change? Identify which areas and tell us what types of buildings and uses you envision for these areas.

2. Main Streets Commercial Areas. Please identify where you think retail and other non-residential uses should be focused along the Main Streets. Should this be at specific intersections or activity nodes. Show us where and tell us why you think that area is appropriate.

3. Main Streets Building Heights. How many storeys are appropriate for future buildings along the Main Streets? Does this differ my street or location? Identify a location and tell us the number of floors you think would be appropriate in that location.

4. Neighbourhood Activity Centres (NAC). Help us identify Neighbourhood Activity Centres in your community (and larger plan area). Identify the NAC on a map and tell us what types of buildings and uses you envision for these areas.

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Tell us what you think of this engagement opportunity. Select the option that best describes your experience.


The input collected in this phase of engagement will be used to develop land use concepts that will be presented back to the community for evaluation in our next phase of engagement. Input received through this engagement will be one of many factors considered as the proposed concepts and supporting policies are created. Other considerations include: City policies, technical and feasibility studies, market conditions and previous engagement results.

The project team also recognizes that significant engagement has occurred in the plan area connected to land use including: previous main streets engagement and the Green Line TOD Charettes. This feedback has not been lost and will also be taken into consideration as well.

To review previous engagement findings from phase one, DISCUSS, please click here.