Thank you for your input

The What We Heard report from 2018 public engagement is now available. Click here to view the report.

Thank you to everyone who has participated to date. We received hundreds of online comments which will help us understand the values, aspirations and concerns in relation to the Centre City.

From August to October, we completed three public workshops, seven pop-up events and received more online input. At each stage, we have collected hundreds of ideas as well as important feedback on The Plan's vision and principles.

The project team is now summarizing and reviewing your input. The City will be reporting back to update you on how your feedback has helped inform the Plan.

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What's next?

Once the information from the public engagement events has been summarized, the Centre City Plan Refresh team will:

  • review the input;
  • refine the vision and principles;
  • identify big moves or policy changes;
  • draft a framework and policy; and
  • hold internal focus groups to refine ideas.

The input that we have collected will be balanced with a technical understanding of the opportunities and constraints provided in the focus groups to formalize the recommended updates to the 2007 Centre City Plan.

Once the focus groups are complete, the team will:

  • draft the Plan, including actions;
  • circulate the Plan internally;
  • share the Plan with the public for feedback;
  • finalize the Plan;
  • present to the approving authorities;
  • respond to any follow-up motions; and
  • begin implementation.

We are committed to further public engagement to review the draft recommendations and refreshed Plan in 2019. Remember to join the mailing list to stay informed.

Strategic Foresight Report

In July 2018 the Centre City Plan project team embarked on a Strategic Foresight process called The Future of Calgary’s Centre City: 2038 Through a Strategic Foresight Lens. The goal was to collaborate with stakeholders who have an interest in the Centre City and explore possible futures looking ahead 20 years.

Our objectives were to:

  • gain collective insight into different scenarios for the future;
  • develop strategies to inform the updated Centre City Plan; and
  • support a collaborative environment to create a more resilient Centre City.


When the Centre City thrives, so does the rest of the city. The 2007 Centre City Plan is a coordinated document that pulls together the vision for the Centre City along with strategies and actions relating to land use planning, economic, cultural, social development, and governance. An update to the Centre City Plan is an opportunity to refocus Calgary’s energy and reinvigorate a commitment to success in the Centre City.

The intent of this project is to refresh the current (2007) plan. The Centre City Plan provides the vision for the area, guides development in the Downtown Core, and identifies short, medium and long-term actions designed to implement the vision.

The purpose of this refresh project is to:

  • affirm the current plan’s vision and principles;
  • reassess the big-picture direction for the Centre City;
  • identify actions to realize the vision;
  • update the information in the Plan to align with other city policies such as the Municipal Development Plan and Centre City Guidebook; and
  • eliminate overlap with other documents.

The current Centre City Plan outlines a vision for Calgary’s Centre City to be a livable, caring and thriving place that is a premier urban living environment; a national and global centre of business; a centre for arts, culture, recreation, tourism and entertainment; and that welcomes people, in all their diversity to live, work and visit.

This vision is underpinned by the following principles:

Other relevant policies

The Centre City Plan is not meant to replace any local area plan, but to provide higher-level vision and guidance for the Centre City overall. For example, the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan is currently being reviewed and updated as a separate planning exercise.

The Centre City Plan is aligned with the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan and is the main document for planning and action within the Centre City. The Centre City Plan is a non-statutory (not based on law) policy document and does not overrule any other existing approved Area Redevelopment Plans, Policy Consolidations or Bylaws; however it is implemented through statutory and non-statutory plans, policies, bylaws, strategies and actions. The Centre City Plan provides a broad framework for the acknowledgement of more detailed area-specific or topic-specific plans and strategies.

Examples are included in the links below:

Calgary’s 2009 Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is our vision for how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years. The Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) works together with the MDP to provide transportation options so all Calgarians are able to travel safely and conveniently.

Calgary’s Centre City is an important economic generator and a convergent point for Calgarians who use a variety of modes to travel to and within this destination. The Centre City Plan is a comprehensive and strategic long term vision for the future of Calgary’s Centre City and the Centre City Mobility Plan defines and coordinates the role and function of the streets within the Centre City.

The Centre City Urban Design Guidelines serve as a guide and inspiration for future development decisions in the Centre City area. The guidelines build and expand upon the 2007 Centre City Plan.

Links to other Centre City documents can be found here.