We’re refining the design of the Green Line and want your input on safety and security, aesthetics and landscaping, and access to stations.

Green Line in my community is a series of engagement events that will allow you to provide feedback to the project team that will be used in technical documents that will guide construction on stage 1 of Green Line.


The City of Calgary has worked with architects to develop a cohesive station design across the entire Green Line. Watch the video to learn more about Green Line station design.

Green Line Station Design


Input for all stations in Stage One is now closed, you can review the questions below.

Input was provided on the following items

  1. Overall station design concept for
    1. Above grade (elevated) stations
    2. At-grade stations
    3. Underground stations
  2. Station design features (stations are grouped by type)

Elevated stations include: Inglewood/Ramsay, 26 Avenue SE

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At-grade stations include: 4 Street S.E., Highfield, Lynwood/Millican, Ogden, South Hill, Quarry Park, Douglas Glen, Shepard

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Underground stations include: 16 Avenue N, 2 Avenue S.W., 7 Avenue S.W., Centre Street S

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The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Station Design Features

Click on a tile below to see how input was provided on various design features for each station type.
Stations are grouped based on how they integrate with the surrounding area.