About the Project

With one in five Calgary households struggling to pay for housing costs, this development is part of The City’s direction to ensure that low-income Calgarians have a safe, stable place to call home in all neighbourhoods across the city.

In 2018, surplus City land at 2020 6 Street N.W. in Mount Pleasant was allocated to Calgary Housing with a mandate to build a new development of 16 affordable homes on the site. As part of this development, a portion of the park to the east of the lot will be developed in to a community space for the neighbourhood to enjoy together.

To reduce construction impact on the community and speed completion of the project, these units will be built offsite and delivered to the site. The units will be constructed to detailed specifications defined by a contracted architect with input from the community. This ensures homes that fit with the existing neighbourhood, are attractive, thoughtfully-designed, and durable.

As part of the development, improvements to the park land adjacent to the lot are planned, including a shared community space.

Once complete, Calgary Housing Company (CHC) will manage the building and will work with the residents and community to create and maintain a safe and secure property. CHC has been Calgary’s leading housing provider for 40 years. CHC manages over 10,000 affordable housing units with more than 25,000 tenants and provides a variety of mixed income housing options.

Rents will be set according to a mixed income model to maintain the financial sustainability of the building and provide an inclusionary approach to housing where tenants of mixed financial means are blended together. The development will operate on a break-even basis to ensure operational sustainability over the long term.

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